Tuesday, December 4, 2012

DVD Extras: Deleted Scenes

At this moment, I should be about 6 hrs from landing in Chicago. I was going through all of my photos and ran across a few that I don't think ever actually made it into the blog. If you've seen some before, I'm sorry, but I think most of them are new. Enjoy!

This lovely statue was in the lobby of the hotel we stayed at in Luxor as soon as we arrived. It's supposed to be Tut, we think, but whomever it is, he's about to shoot his horse in the back.
We could see this from our roof. Someone in a very pink house hung their teddy bears out to dry.
That big cabinet in our room in Edfu was seriously big enough that I could stand almost completely upright in the bottom, and 2 more people could have stood next to me. And that was only half of the thing!
During our walk on the gebel, Aaron and Jonathan provide the entertainment.
Inside one of the chapels at the Ptolemaic temple in Deir el-Medina.
Our reis, Eslam, also enjoyed our jack-o-lantern.
Some tourists enjoying my block yard! It's a funny angle, since I'm sitting drawing pottery on the other side of the japoozi. I thought it might be odd if I just ran over and took their picture.
At the mosque of Ibn Tulun.

One of the sarcophagi in the Serapeum. See how it's set lower in the ground than the main walking area?

Me walking towards the Bent Pyramid.
An image of the Virgin Mary on the Holy Family Church in Coptic Cairo. Much like the ones of St. George that I posted earlier, I'm pretty sure this one lights up at night. Nothing says, "Come worship in this lovely old Coptic church" quite like a light-up Virgin Mary sign.