Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Permits: Achieved; Tickets: Acquired

Permits are (unofficially) in and I just purchased tickets! I'll be leaving on Oct 4 (the countdown has been updated) and going straight to Luxor (so no dealing with the craziness in Cairo at the moment), where we'll stay a few days to get acclimated, get our visa extensions, and stock up on cell phone credit.

Are you excited for the season? Cause I am! My suitcase is already half packed and we've just got some organizational stuff left (like buying epigraphic supplies and doing a last-minute review of the blocks). Oh, yeah, and my pesky proposal defense... Here's the timeline:

Oct 1: proposal defense
Oct 4: leave for Egypt
Oct 5: after a 27 hour day, arrive in Luxor super late (like, almost Oct 6th)
Oct 8: drive to Edfu (about a 2 hour drive)
Oct 9: start excavations!
Nov 27: last day of excavations, leave for Luxor
Nov 28: leave for Cairo
Dec 4: after staying a few days in Cairo, leave for home

Can't wait to share this season with you all again!