Monday, July 2, 2012

Won't You Please, Please Help Me? (Help Me, Help Meee, oooh)

Did you know that you can help me with this project? Yes, YOU! My project currently isn't really funded- no! Don't stop reading. Here's the deal, my project doesn't have official funding yet, but it's a fairly cheap project, all things considered. Here's how:

We're making our benches out of bricks, which only cost about $.25/each in Egypt. Which means a donation of almost ANYTHING can help me! Don't you want to help me instead of some random charity where most of your money gets put towards advertising? This is an actual project with an actual person you know. Sounds good, right? And donating is easy, just go here. Make sure you select "Tell Edfu Excavation" so that it doesn't just go in the general Oriental Institute fund. If you want it to go specifically to me, type something in the "special instructions" box that mentions my name (like "for Janelle's block yard project").

BUT WAIT! Act now, and I'll throw in a "Janelle In Egypt" special deal!! If you donate to my project specifically and then let me know how much you donated, either in the comments or privately through email/facebook, I'll send you a picture with exactly what your donation bought. Or of me doing something silly. Or of me doing something silly with what you bought. If you donate enough for an entire bench, I'll even see if I can send along a picture of the completed thing! Pretty cool, huh?

Even that random pocket change can buy several bricks, so why not donate it to a good cause and help me look super awesome to my advisor?

Thanks, everyone!! I know you won't let me down!! Remember, if I don't get funded, I don't get to go, and you don't get to read my blog posts and live vicariously through me as an Egyptian archaeologist. So really, this is an altruistic post- I'm just thinking of you and your future happiness!

P.S. You might want to click to opt out of donor recognition mailings. You *might* get stuff from us, but you'll more than likely just get a bunch of crap asking for more money.

P.P.S. Want more information about donating? I'm happy to answer any questions you might have via comments or emails! Or, for larger donations, I can pass you along to Nadine.